• GUYANA EDUCATION SECTOR PROGRAM PROJECT (P174244) - Environmental And Social Commitment Plan

    (ESCP) - Draft Version

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    1. The Co-operative Republic of Guyana (hereafter, the “Recipient”) will implement the Guyana Education Sector Program Project (the Project) through the Ministry of Education and its Project Implementation Unit (PIU). The International Development Association, IDA (hereinafter, the “Association”) has agreed to provide financing for the Project.
    2. The Recipient will implement material measures and actions so that the Project is implemented in accordance with the Environmental and Social Standards (ESSs). This Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP) sets out material measures and actions, any specific documents and plans, as well as the timing for the each of these.
    3. The Recipient will also comply with the provisions of any other environmental and social (E&S) documents required under the ESSs and referred to in this ESCP, such as the Labor Management Procedures (LMP), Indigenous Peoples Planning Framework (IPPF), Indigenous Peoples Plan (IPP), E-Waste Management Guidelines and other E&S provisions and plans and the timelines specified in those E&S documents.
    4. The Recipient is responsible for compliance with all requirements of the ESCP even when implementation of specific measures and actions is conducted by the Ministry, agency or unit referenced in one above.
    5. Implementation of the material measures and actions set out in this ESCP will be monitored and reported to the Association by the Recipient as required by the ESCP and the conditions of the legal agreement, and the Association will monitor and assess progress and completion of the material measures and actions throughout implementation of the Project.
    6. As agreed by the Association and the Recipient, this ESCP may be revised from time to time during Project implementation, to reflect adaptive management of Project changes and unforeseen circumstances or in response to assessment of Project performance conducted under the ESCP itself. In such circumstances, the Recipient will agree to the changes with the Association and will update the ESCP to reflect such changes. Agreement on changes to the ESCP will be documented through the exchange of letters signed between the Association and the Recipient (through its authorized representative under the legal agreement) and the Ministry of Education, acting through the Minister of Education. The Recipient will promptly disclose the updated ESCP. Depending on the project, the ESCP may also specify the funding necessary for completion of a measure or action.
    7. Where Project changes, unforeseen circumstances, or Project performance result in changes to the risks and impacts during Project implementation, the Recipient shall provide additional funds, if needed, to implement actions and measures to address such risks and impacts, which may include environmental, health, safety, labor, gender-based violence, land acquisition, biodiversity or habitats, cultural heritage and stakeholder engagement.

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