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The Craft Production & Design Division is among the most prestigious technical vocational academic institutions in Guyana. The CP&DD also plays a significant role in making training available for early school leavers.

By possessing Craft skills, students are better positioned to be employed and even be eligible to further their studies at accredited institutions of similar nature. Students are even empowered to start mass production of their own items.


Objectivies Of the Institution:


  • Provide students with handicraft skills for production on the local and international market.
  • Aid in boosting students’ input to the tourism industry.
  • Productively utilize indigenous material and re-usable material.
  • Generate and produce new creative designs in handicraft.
  • Market handicraft material through self-employment.

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" Your Success is in Your Hands"


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The Craft Production and Design Division strives to produce individuals through the Technical Vocational Education & Training (TVET) programmes to develop a sustainable craft industry with quality products at affordable prices that will contribute meaningfully to both the national and international economies.


Opening Hours

08:00hrs to 16:30hrs


Thank You For Your Interest!

You can visit us at your convenience and treat yourself to the opportunity of learning craft skills for self development and employment which in turn will positively influence the tourism industry and other sectors.

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At Craft Production & Design Division, we offer a wide variety of craft related skills and techniques all compiled in a one (1) year training programme. We also offer a number of academic subjects to strike the balance for our students.

Display of Finished Items

Visual Arts

  1. Surface Decoration

  2. Fibre Arts

  3. Leather Craft

  4. Landscaping

  5. Decorative Craft


Tie-Dye Display

Garment Construction

  1. Fashion & Textile Designing

  2. Children Clothing

  3. Baby Apparel

  4. Pattern Drafting


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Academic Subjects

  1. Basic English Language

  2. Basic Mathematics

  3. Reading

  4. Social Studies

  5. Information Technology

  6. Social Etiquette

  7. Life Skills

  8. Small Business Management

{tab Extra-curricular Activities}

Guyana Festival

The Craft Production & Design Division also makes available a number of Extra-curricular activities and National Activities to students such as:


  1. Educational school tours

  2. Mashramani & Independence Participation

  3. Work-Study Attachments

  4. Sports– Indoor & Outdoor

  5. Charity Outreach programmes

  6. Counselling


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Ministry of Education
Craft Production & Design Division

Address: Durban and High Streets,
(Back Building, Carnegie School of
Home Economics Compound)
Tel: +592 226-4328
       +592 225–5728
Email: cThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.