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{tab About the Programme}


The art form of steelpan playing has its origin in the Caribbean. History has shown that it is the only musical instrument invented in the early nineteenth century. Studies have shown that music education at an early age greatly increases the likelihood that a child will grow up to seek higher education. In addition, students who had an exposure to music made better "team players" in the workforce.

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The Ministry of Education introduced Steelband Programmes in sixteen schools across Guyana. It aims to expand this programme to ten new schools and the Cyril Potter College of Education by 2018. This programme is coordinated through the Unit of Allied Arts within the Ministry of Education which has responsibility for the promotion of Expressive Arts of Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Arts and Physical Education and Dance in schools.

{tab Objectives}

The Objectives of this programme are:-

  • To nuture skills in steelband playing among two hundred (200) students from the Schools Steel Orchestra
  • To provide an opportunity for the demonstration of skills by learners
  • To provide an interesting and entertaining Public Exhibition by students


The relationship between music education and better performance in life is not accidental. If we want to continue as a creative society, finding solutions to the ever changing-world, we need to expose our children to the arts. Music will help to shape our culture and it is the great equalizer among people of different racial, social and economic backgrouds.

{tab Schools Steel Orchestra}

The National Schools Steel Orchestra a subset of the Schools Steelband programme, was launched along with the National Schools Choir in December, 2009 by the late Dr. Desrey Fox, CCH, Minister within the Ministry of Education during that period.

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The Ministry of Education is appreciative of support received form various stakeholders in the development of this aspect of Education. The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport has partnered with the Ministry of Education for the development of the Steelpan Programme in schools by supplying valuable human resources needed for teaching.

We also wish to acknowledge the contributions of Republic Bank in the training of young people in this art form during the August vacation. The Ministry of Education also recognises the role of the Parent Teachers Association which is crucial to the progress of this programme in schools.

{tab 'AMITY'}

'AMITY' an Annual Schools Steelpan Performance was designed to create a common platform for sharing music, building friendships among the steelband fraternity, the various stakeholders and the general public.

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Some of the schools that form part of the programme include:-

Buxton Secondary
Dolphin Secondary
Lodge Secondary
North Georgetown Primary
North Rumveldt Secondary
Queens College
St Rose's High
The Bishops High School