The Chief Education Officer is the Head of the Professional Arm of the Ministry of Education. Reporting to this officer are three (3) deputies: the Deputy Chief Education Officer (Administration) responsible for the Policy Implementation and Monitoring Unit, the Deputy Chief Education Officer (Development) responsible for the Monitoring, Evaluating, Reporting and Development Unit,

and the Deputy Chief Education Officer Technical) responsible for the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Unit; and three (3) Assistant Chief Education Officers, with responsibilities for the Nursery, Primary and Secondary Levels.


Advises on education policies, practices and procedures and co-ordinates all professional and related activities of the Ministry.

Key Outputs

  • Advice on educational policies and procedures and changes/innovations where necessary.
  • Smooth/efficient functioning of the professional branch of the Ministry (MERD, PIMU, TVET).
  • Recommendations for awards of scholarships for higher education.

Range of Activities:

  • Advise the Minister and Permanent Secretary on education policies, practices and procedures; direct the development, implementation and subsequent evaluation of such policies.
  • Analyze the implementation of change and or innovations and education programmes, procedures and regulations and advise the Minister and Permanent Secretary to facilitate appropriate decision making.
  • Coordinate the preparation and review of the annual work programme and budget for the delivery of education at the central level.
  • Coordinate the preparation of Annual Report for the relevant programmes of the Ministry of Education.
  • Establish and maintain linkages with the community at large for the enhancement of the provision of education.
  • Examine proposals and submit recommendations for awards and scholarships.
  • Facilitate efficient management and coordination of the delivery of education to ensure scheduled implementation of policies and attend to programmes, and adherence to the education laws and regulations.
  • Ensure that all national examinations and assessments are of high standard.
  • Communicate policies and programmes of the Ministry of Education to the public.
  • Ensure overall alignment of work activity with MOE Strategic Plan.

The Chief Education Officer also have direct responsibilities for Teacher Education and Training at Cyril Potter College of Education and the Unit of Allied Arts, thus emphasizing the importance of these activities.

Cyril Potter College of Education

The focus of the Ministry of Education is quality education delivery. Quality education delivery is influenced greatly by the quality of the interaction between teachers and students. This interaction can be greatly improved by the initial training provided to teachers by the Cyril Potter College of Education.

CPCE is responsible for all initial training for teachers, which is provided in Pre-Service mode at its main campus in Turkeyen and In-Service distance mode at various centres throughout the country. This training provides teachers with the skills to deliver quality education to students. The training programmes offered also equips teachers to cater for all round development of the child and includes subjects in the Expressive Arts such as Music, Drama and Physical Education.

The college aims to increase its intake to achieve a 70% level of trained teachers in the system in both the academic and prevocational areas of the curriculum.
To achieve this, greater reliance will be placed on Distance Education Programmes, to increase the number being trained in the training cycle.