To advise the Minister on the formulation of policy in relation to the Ministry and its constituent departments; planning programmes and allocating responsibility to Divisional Heads; and directing and controlling the activities of the units/departments of the ministry.

Key Outputs

Policy submissions, draft speeches for the Minister, budgets for the ministry, the preparation / presentation of the Annual Report to the National Assembly; and replies to parliamentary questions and motions.

Range of Activities

  • Advises the Minister on the formulation of policies in relation to the Ministry and its constituent departments.
  • Completes policy submissions at the request of the Minister.
  • Interprets Government Policy, and establishes the requisite mechanisms to ensure that all members of staff are informed of such decisions and adheres to them.
  • Ensures that (as Accounting Officer) the financial resources allocated to MOE are originally managed.
  • Exercises strict discipline, accountability, and compliance with all rules and regulations governing management and finances.
  • Ensures the effective implementation and monitoring of Government policy decisions, through consultation with the appropriate Heads of Department and
  • interest groups.
  • Ensures that an appropriate organization structure and operating procedures are in place by ensuring efficient administration of the Ministry's function.
  • Executing Government policy with respect to those functions.
  • Implementing specific projects and programmes assigned to the Ministry.
  • Achieving the sectoral objectives set by the Government.
  • Encouraging and supporting sound innovative ideas.
  • Directs the preparation and presentation of the MOE's Work Plan / Programme and Budget.
  • Pays strict attention to the management of the resources (human, material, finance) under this span of control, and ensures that they are carefully organized and monitored in order to obtain optimal benefits.
  • - Directs and controls the MOE staff.
  • Maintains an acceptable level of discipline.
  • Oversees staff development and training plans.
  • Ensures that the MOE's policies are widely and accurately disseminated and that public concerns are reported promptly to the MOE.
  • Represents the Minister of Education at national, regional and international forums.
  • Ensure overall alignment of work activity with MOE Strategic Plan.