Launch of Risk Management Policy

We cannot afford to lose our children

  • Guyana Education Strategic Plan (ESP) 2021- 2025
  • External News:Transformational education plan launched
  • Parenting Tip:How to Cope With Back-to-School Anxiety.
  • Teaching Tip:How to Use Interleaving to Foster Deeper Learning
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Try These Mindshifts for Positive Parenting

Daniel and Aviva are in constant power struggles with their 3 year old, Gracie. They give her a choice about whether she wants Mommy or Daddy to read books to...

How to Cope With Back-to-School Anxiety

Every summer, about two weeks before the beginning of school, my phone lights up at an alarming rate. With staggered start dates around the country, the concerns about back-to-school anxiety...

Teaching Your Four Year Old Early Friendship Skills

It takes practice to learn how to be a good friend ― practice at being kind, supportive, trustworthy, and a good listener. For a four-year-old, a friend may be a...

Using Metacognition to Enhance Learning in All Grades

When students use a questioning strategy to think about their own thinking, they can see how to transfer their learning to new situations.

How to Use Interleaving to Foster Deeper Learning

Used strategically, interleaving challenges students to learn in smart, adaptive ways instead of relying on too much rote learning and muscle memory.

Four Common Classroom Management Mistakes New Teachers Make—and How to…

New elementary teachers, take heart: Classroom management is hard, but not impossible. Keep these ideas in mind as you get started.