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Parents Tips

How to Make Your Child Study?

“Sit down and study”, “Have you done your homework?”, “What did you study today?”, etc. Said these kinds of familiar phrases you said to your child? Well, one of the most...

5 Tips to Help Make Your Child Self-Sufficient

You know that teaching your child age-appropriate life skills is important for self-care and independence, but how, exactly, do you go about doing this?

How to Get Your Child to LISTEN!

Kids have a lot on their minds, from the history test to the soccer tryouts to the newest computer game.

Teaching Tips

Teaching Friendship Skills to Preschoolers

How old were you when you made your first friend? Friendships are one of the earliest and most important skills we learn in preschool. Around three or four years old, children begin to gravitate toward each other...

Time-saving tips for teachers: Tools and strategies for a more…

Teaching is a juggling act, with responsibilities like lesson planning, school meetings, parent communication, testing, and grading — not to mention actually teaching.

Embracing Mistakes in Learning

From crumpled up essays lying on the floor to the overheard “I don’t care anyway”, we have all borne witness to student apathy.