• External News update: CXC awards CSEC and CAPE Top Performers.
  • Teaching Tip:Four Tips for New Teachers on Building a Strong Career Foundation.
  • Parenting Tip: Five Steps to Teaching Kids to Say “I’m Sorry”.
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Teaching Tips

Four Tips for New Teachers on Building a Strong Career…

Teaching can be a tough job—as the past year and any veteran will tell you—so finding ways to make it sustainable is imperative.

Cultivating Community With Smiles and Frowns

A simple activity helps students feel more comfortable sharing details of their lives, a foundation for a strong classroom community.

How to Guide Students to Self-Regulated Learning

Teaching middle and high school students how to study helps them see for themselves why and when to use different strategies for learning.

Parents Tips

Five Steps to Teaching Kids to Say “I’m Sorry”

We all mess up, sometimes. But apologies are hard — even for adults. Sometimes “I’m sorry” comes out of your child’s mouth, but the words aren’t genuine and the behavior doesn’t...

How Telling Stories Helps Kids Learn

“Are you going to tell me another story tonight?” asked my 4-year-old son.

How to Create a "Quiet Time" Routine

I watched the video monitor with a mixture of hope and dread, muttering “please sleep, please sleep” under my breath.