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atlantic reader series

Parents Tips

How to be a good parent: tips from mums and…

We’ve gathered tips from other parents to help you with your most challenging role yet. From ideas to entertain your little ones, to techniques for keeping your temper in check.

Motivating kids to be active

Anyone who’s seen kids on a playground knows that most are naturally physically active and love to move around. But what might not be apparent is that climbing to the...

Parents as role models for pre-teens and teenagers

When your child was younger, your role was to lay the foundations for their behaviour. For example, you probably showed your child how to cooperate and take turns with others...

Teaching Tips

Good Teachers Stick To The Lines, While Great Teachers Inspire…

For those not familiar, he was one half of the musical genius that founded Steely Dan. As a musician myself, I loved the complexity and precision of their music.

15 Actionable Strategies for Increasing Student Motivation and Engagement

In his book, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, Daniel Pink argues that extrinsic motivations such as grades, standardized tests and financial rewards are merely temporary incentives that cannot provide a sustainable framework for...

How to Provide Less Structure for Independent Reading

Developing independent readers means nurturing the conditions for passion and independent thinking to flourish.